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Round with Side Baguettes


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Round with Side Baguettes

Product Description

This timeless ring has tapering baguettes surrounding both side of the central diamond, giving it a contemporary feel. The style of Round with Side Baguettes features minimum of 1/5 carat weights of side stones.

Things about the center stone:

Round Brilliant Diamond

The most common shape for diamond engagement rings is the round diamond, often known as the brilliant cut diamond. To optimize light return through the top of the diamond, it is cone-shaped. 33 are on the crown and 25 are on the pavilion, making it a total of 58 facets. The pavilion’s angle (below the girdle) and the angle of the crown (above the girdle) are complimentary to one another. A smaller pavilion angle balances out a steep crown angle, and vice versa.

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