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Fancy Diamond Shapes

Diamonds can be found in a wide variety of fancy shapes. It is worthwhile to explore and learn about the different diamond shapes because each has its own distinctive properties. Blingster offers best grade of fancy cuts in diamonds for engagement rings.

A diamond’s Shape denotes to a diamond’s overall physical shape and geometric structure.

Engagement Rings with Fancy Diamond Shapes

What Diamond Shape Is Best?

The round diamond is our best-selling item because to its unparalleled glitter and brilliance. It complements many diverse hand and finger shapes effortlessly and looks wonderful in a variety of settings. While less common than rounds, fancy-shaped diamonds that aren’t round, such princess, emerald, pear, and oval, provide a variety of lovely design alternatives. Plus, you may preserve your budget because these unique shapes frequently cost less than rounds with the same carat weight. It ultimately boils down to personal taste as to whatever diamond shape you fall in love with.


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Diamond Shape vs. Diamond Cut?

Although shape and cut have substantial differences, clients, jewelers, and other business people frequently use them interchangeably. From the textbooks, a diamond’s cut relates to the facets, proportions, dimensions, and overall reflecting attributes that give a diamond its shine. Shape refers to the outline of a diamond.

The following are the most beloved diamond shapes in order of their popularity (most to least):

Oval Cut Diamond


The most common cut, the Round Brilliant, has been tweaked to create the Oval Cut Diamond. It is the ideal option for purchasers who desire qualities comparable to those of the Round "Ideal" Cut but would like something in a more unique shape. Additionally giving the appearance of elongation, oval cut diamonds beautifully lengthen fingers.
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Emerald Cut Diamond


A particularly common cut noted for its beauty and accuracy is the emerald-cut diamond. Its exceptional clarity, which is equivalent to glancing into glacier-pure ice, more than makes up for its lack of the brilliance the traditional cut offers with triangular and kite-shaped facets. The Emerald-Cut diamond got its name because emeralds were the only gemstones that were initially cut in this manner. The cut that is most frequently applied to square or rectangular diamonds is known as a step-cut.
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Cushion Cut Diamond


An old-fashioned diamond cut with a timeless, romantic appeal is the cushion cut. It is seen as a hybrid between a contemporary oval-cut diamond and the Old Mine Cut, which gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since all of the cutting was done by hand at the time, the Old Mine Cut had broad facets and rounded edges. They were created to capture candlelight's splendor. There are 58 facets in the Cushion-Cut Diamond.
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Princess Cut Diamond


Due to their exceptional clarity, princess cut diamonds can make the ideal engagement rings. They are an exotic delicacy because to their superb shape, which was created to maximize the brilliance of their square cut. Make sure the four pointed corners of the princess cut diamond you buy are shielded by the ring's setting. The Princess Cut diamond allows imperfections to be more tolerable.
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Heart Shaped Diamond


The top of the heart-shaped diamond has a split, and it shines brilliantly. Among the diamond shapes, it is one of the most romantic. Because the two half of the heart must be identical, symmetry is crucial when choosing a diamond with a heart shape. The two lobes should be clearly separated from one another, and the wings should be rounded. Heart-shaped diamonds that weigh less than.50 carats are typically not a wise choice. They appear smaller than other diamond shapes, especially when set in prongs.
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Pear Shape Diamond


The diamond typically has 58 facets, which allows light to travel through it in a manner similar to that of a Round diamond, but it stands out more because to its uncommon form. A teardrop is another name for this brilliant-cut diamond's solitary point and rounded end. The pear shape is a popular option for a range of diamond jewelry because of its distinctive appearance. The length of the diamond has a modest slimming effect on the fingers if you select an elongated pear shape.
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The Marquise-Cut Diamond, a bright stone with a boat-like shape, is regarded as a "classic" cut for diamond engagement rings. Color and clarity are the two most crucial characteristics in this specific kind of cut, as they are in all "fancy cut" diamonds. The Marquise-Cut Diamond is cut similarly to a Round Brilliant Diamond, but the diamond cutter elongates the gem into its unique "boat-shape" to increase the gem's carat weight.
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