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Anatomy of a Diamond

The eight main components in the anatomy of a diamond are Diameter, Table, Crown, Star, Girdle, Pavilion, Depth, and Culet. The locations of each component of a diamond can be seen in the diagram below.

Anatomy of a Diamond by GIA

Although each diamond is distinct, they all have a similar structural component. The proportions, brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation of a diamond are determined by its anatomy, or basic structure.

  • Measured from edge to edge, a polished stone’s diameter equals its width.
  • Table: The diamond’s top-most polished facet is its largest.
  • The top portion of a diamond, stretching from the table to the girdle is called the crown.
  • Girdle: The diamond’s very edge (widest edge), where the pavilion and crown converge.
  • Pavilion: The portion of a diamond’s underside that runs from the girdle to the culet.
  • Depth: A diamond’s overall height, measured from table to culet.
  • The culet is the diamond’s tiniest, most pointed facet.


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