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The 4C's Of Diamond Education

The 4C's
Carat | Clarity | Color | Cut

Looking for a gorgeous diamond? Knowing the distinctive qualities of each diamond is the first step towards choosing one. The four Cs of grading a diamond—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—are used. The 4Cs of diamonds have an effect on the stone's value and beauty. Find out more about each of the four Cs of diamonds below.

Diamond Cut Diagram of shallow vs perfect vs deep


The balance and brilliance of a diamond's facets are measured as well as how well-proportioned the diamond's measurements are. Of the four Cs, diamond cut is regarded as being the most crucial.

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Diamond Color Diagram


A diamond's color describes how colorless it is. The second most crucial of the diamond's 4Cs is color. The grade rises as color decreases.

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Diamond Clarity Diagram


A diamond's clarity is determined by examining its minor flaws. Inclusions can develop spontaneously when a diamond is being formed. Quantifying and describing any inclusions requires clarity.

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Diamond Carat Weight Diagram


A diamond's weight is determined by carat. Carat weight, an objective metric, is the most widely used method of determining a diamond's size.

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Ten The most Popular Diamond Cut Shapes On White Background

Shape of a Diamond

Even though shape is not among the 4Cs, it should be taken into account when choosing a diamond. Each shape has distinctive features that can effect cost and level of quality.

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Anatomy of a Diamond by GIA

Anatomy of a Diamond

Although each diamond is distinct, they all have a similar structural component. Finding the ideal diamond will be made easier if you have a basic understanding of how each component contributes to the diamond as a whole.

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